STYLE GUIDE: What to wear on the pool side - or to a yacht party

It`s a hot summer day, you just got invited to a yacht party or you are on the way to have a drink at the pool bar, but you don`t know what to wear? It has to fit together with your swimwear, but you still want a stylish and luxurious look? SKYLINE got you!

1) The first look is called "Lady in black" ;


Pair your Black Satin Bikini with the matching black SKYLINE Robe and our Gold Bottoms for a luxurious look, perfect for every High Society Summer Party.


2) You can never go wrong with blue on a pool party "Ride this wave with me" is called this second look;

blue swimwear look yacht party style guide

With our "The Sky is the Limit" Bikini and the "Summer Blue Satin Robe" you will look sexy - but with a cool touch. 


3) We also got one for the fellas! "All Eyes on Me" 

Pair the red velvet swim trunks with the matching durag or the bandana and your good to go! This fit also can be worn with a shirt - due to its luxurious fabrics, nobody will notice these are actual swim trunks.